When you work in an industry long enough, you develop a level of knowledge that gives you an insight into the needs of the customer. After spending decades developing innovative technical and marketing solutions for the carpet industry, David Polley stepped back and took a moment to review the current landscape of the business. He looked at market and business trends and blended that information with what he was hearing from designers and customers. He came to a simple conclusion. People still want soft fashionable high quality carpet for a good value. The modern day difference is now they want it to be an eco-friendly product that is safe for the planet.

After researching multiple materials and various construction methods, David Polley discovered a sustainable way to use premium raw materials to create fine yarns that enhance the carpet’s performance. Once he discovered the answer to the challenge, VSP Flooring was created and introduced people to long lasting soft and stylish carpets crafted from contemporary polyester. Backed by warranties that guarantee years of comfort and enjoyment, VSP Flooring is the simple solution for eco-friendly high quality carpet that provides years of lasting beauty.


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